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MDLG is still a young vibrant company that entered the Health Care industry in South Africa in 2009. Our business is supplying quality Health Care products to surgeons.

Our portfolio of products includes GS Medical Spine Implant products. GS Medical has a reputation for superior and innovative surgical solutions. They advocate regular communication and collaboration with surgeon clients and are committed to constantly evolving improvement on implants and instrumentation.

MDLG About Us
MDLG Mission

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Our Mission

MDLG is here to deliver reliable services and products that will enhance the quality of every patients and surgeons life. We strive to provide high quality services, cost-effective products and surgical solutions every surgeon needs.

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Our Vision

To become preferred suppliers to all Healthcare Funders through quality products at highly competitive prices. To earn and develop a trusted reputation through the surgeons we support and maintain a personal relationship throughout.

MDLG Our Vision

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Our Partners

GS Medical is a manufactuer and global supplier of spine implant and instrumentation products.  The company’s core focus is to develop cost-effective, yet innovative surgical solutions that provide optimal surgical outcomes for the surgeon caregiver and patients alike.  GS Medical consistently works to further spinal and neurosurgical technology through innovative discussions with the greater medical community, surgeon customers, highly skilled engineers, and patients population.  The company strives to provide a diverse product offering including minimally invasive solutions, to meet the needs of the ever-evolving spinal and neurosurgical landscape.

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